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Bring out the best in your canine companion

From “out of control” to “where can I get a dog like that?!” No homework required.

Certified dog trainer & registered veterinary technician

Positive reinforcement dog training done for you

Individualized attention for better results

You love your dog—but they aren’t always fun to spend time with.

From basic puppy manners to behavioral challenges, training can feel like an uphill battle. With so much to do and so little time, learning to DIY dog training can make the process slower and more difficult.

Why struggle when you could have a trained dog without the hassle?

Let me take “train the dog” off your to-do list—it’s long enough already.

Stay-and-Train (often called day training or board-and-train) using positive, force-free methods is the fastest and most effective way to teach your dog. As a certified trainer and registered vet tech, I’ll take your dog for the day—or for the week—so they can learn how they learn best: with consistent lessons guided by a professional trainer.

Walk This Way for done-for-you dog training solutions.

My Mind Your Manners training packages (focusing on basic obedience) give you and your dog the tools to go from:

Constant tug-of-war TO loose leash walking

Barking and lunging at other dogs TO calm, enjoyable walks

Jumping on guests TO sitting politely to greet

Getting under your feet in the kitchen TO staying on their bed

Rushing out the door TO waiting to go out

Ignoring you TO coming when called

Every Mind Your Manners stay-and-train package includes:

Mind Your Manners package options:

Morning or afternoon sessions


3 sessions/week for 3 weeks

Teach the foundational skills that lead to good manners like calm, polite greetings and loose leash walking.

Day sessions


3 days/week for 3 weeks

For owners with busy schedules needing more flexibility with drop off and pick up times

Full week (Mon-Fri)


5 days/week for 2 weeks
(includes overnight boarding)

Need to travel, focus on work, or just want a break? Leave your dog with me on Monday and come back to a better-behaved pet on Friday!

Dog parents are saying …

About Walk This Way Canine Training

Training is a skill like any other. It takes time, patience, and a lot of practice to perfect. When trouble behaviors persist or even worsen in the meantime, it can lead to frustration, stress, and the nagging feeling that you and your dog are failing each other.

Who’s got time for that? You’ve got enough on your plate without adding “dog trainer” to the list.

Hi, I’m Vicky,

I’m a certified positive reinforcement (+R) trainer, registered veterinary technician, and proud dog mom to my rescue pups, Frodo and Freida. My mission is to help you build and deepen your bond with your dog through fun and fulfilling training methods that everyone can enjoy.

Training builds a strong foundation of good manners, leading to a rewarding relationship for life. The key is establishing understanding and clear communication between dog and human, without using force or fear. 

You can have the relationship with your dog you’ve always hoped for. I would love to show you how to make life more enjoyable for you and your canine friend.

How it Works


Schedule an introductory call:

We’ll talk about your training goals and make sure Mind Your Manners is a good fit for your dog and your goals.


Bring your dog to school:

Choose from partial day or longer day training sessions or drop off your dog on Monday and pick them up on Friday.  

Explore training options


They learn while you work (or play): 

I only train a small number of dogs at a time, so your pup will get lots of focused training time every day.

Pick up your well-mannered dog: 

At the end of each week, we’ll have a transfer session where I demonstrate the progress your dog has made and teach you how to support their new behaviors at home.

Guaranteed to help you and your dog live your best life together.

When it comes to an animal’s learning and behavior, there’s no such thing as a guaranteed training result. No one can predict a dog’s (or anyone’s) behavior without fail. Because of this, training results can’t be guaranteed—but I do guarantee to set you and your dog up for success. I’ll provide the support you need throughout the training process to bring out the best in your pet.

Running Wild

Your best dog is in there. Why wait?

Think of training as an investment in an enjoyable and fulfilling life with your pup. Without it, you could miss out on months or even years of happy, fun, stress-free time with a loving companion.

Skip the pressure and anxiety of DIY training and Walk This Way toward a dog you’re proud to call your best friend.

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